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We believe that walking should be an efficient alternative to owning a car, biking, or taking public transport, everywhere for everyone.

Our Solution

Nimbus Robotics are building robotic shoes to enable commuters walking faster without extra efforts. By strapping our bionic shoes over your everyday shoes, you can make walking a mile take half of the time.

  • Zero-learning curve

User controls the speed of shoes by their own gaits as our onboard AI detects user's current gait in real-time. The user experience is similar to walking on the moving walkway - the shoes adapt to your walking speed thereby making them a natural extension of your legs.

  • Light-weight

Each shoe weighs as much as a hiking boot.

  • Portability

Unlike bikes which can be dangerous and are theft prone, our shoes are safe enough to be used on sidewalks and small enough to be carried in your backpack.

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We are hiring

We are recruiting full-time, part-time and interns in the following areas.

Mechanical Design Engineer

The Role

  • You will work with industrial designer to design plastic, metal and composite parts for the product.

  • You will perform detailed CAD design, generate manufacturing documentation, and manage manufacturing of components with our overseas manufacture partner.

  • You will create quality test documentation and design test fixtures with our overseas vendors through the entire manufacturing process.

Key Requirements

  • Solid understand in mechanical engineering fundamentals.

  • Highly proficient in mechanical CAD including FEA (Solidworks preferred)

  • Have worked closely with industrial designers

  • Understanding of a variety of manufacturing processes.

  • Strong attention to details and have passion for doing excellent work with ambiguous requirements.

  • Experience in working with overseas vendors is a plus.

Firmware Engineer

The Role

  • You will specify, design and implement firmware components of Nimbus Robotics Shoes.

  • You will implement key protocol, signal processing and numerical algorithms with very tight schedule and energy budgets.

  • You will select microcontrollers, define power management strategies, and review schematics with electrical engineers.

  • You will implement machine learning algorithm onto the embedded system.

Key Requirements

  • Solid experience in C or C++ for embedded systems, compilers.

  • Direct experience with communication protocols including I2C, SPI, UART and CAN.

  • Significant experience with memory constrained micro-controller system.

  • Solid board bring-up and debugging skills.

  • Experience in MCU and brushless motor control solution is a plus.

  • Self-motivation, strong communication and teamwork skills

Control system Engineer

The Role

  • You will develop the gait control algorithm by applying machine learning, sensor fusion and bipedal locomotion knowledge.

  • You will develop control strategies for various poses, implement and evaluate your algorithm in the simulation and validate it onto the real-world product.

  • Develop production quality code and own your algorithms from design to production.

  • Create process and tools for conceptualization, simulation and validation of the control system.

Key Requirements

  • MS or PhD in Computer Science, Robotics, Mechanical Engineer plus at least 2 years’ experience in bipedal walking robotics

  • Forward and Inverse Kinematics and Dynamics

  • Sensor fusion and state estimation

  • Demonstrated excellence in real-time control and processing using C and C++

  • Develop simple model for complex systems

  • Experience developing, debugging, and optimizing real-time controls on highly dynamic machines

  • Strong intuition for physical movement in machines, and insight into the physics of motion

  • Optimization

  • Code control and revision tracking

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