Everywhere is within your walking distance.


We believe that walking should be an efficient alternative to biking, taking public transportations, or driving.

Our Solution

Nimbus Robotics are building robotic shoes to enable commuters walking faster without extra efforts. By strapping our bionic devices over everyday shoes, users can make walking a mile take half of the time.

Zero-Learning Curve

Users control the speed of shoes by their own gaits as our onboard AI detects user's current gait in real-time. The user experience is similar to walking on the moving walkway.


Unlike riding bikes, which can be intimidating to fight vehicles on the road, our shoes offer people a more intuitive and safer mobility solution on sidewalks.


Each shoe weighs as much as a hiking boot. They are also small enough to fit in backpacks. Storage would be one last thing to worry about when people enjoy their life.


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We Are Hiring

We are looking for passionate and energetic individuals who are enjoying challenging status quo.


Everywhere is walking distance, even when you don’t have the time.


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